Learning Styles

Identifying Different  Learning Styles and Adapting   Learning Environments
for Them as Tools for  Improving Achievements
Riki Lifschitz





In recent years, fast changes and developments have occurred in science, technology, and society. The amount of knowledge which has accumulated is so enormous, that it is impossible to learn it all. Therefore, it is important to teach the child how to think, how to deal with new knowledge, to filter out irrelevant information and to focus on the relevant information.
One of the ways to developing thinking is by using learning styles. This perspective is characterized by developing new ways for learning and adapting the learning environment, in order to implement the individualization in teaching and learning process.

The central goal of the present research is to examine the influence of teaching methods, adapted to the individual learning style of the learners depending on their achievements.

Teaching according to the learning styles of the learners will help the teacher to develop and use alternative ways of teaching. These alternative ways will be the means of using “the unique powers of the pupils” (which means: realizing the strong and dominant abilities of the learner), and will lead to a fuller utilization of their potential.

In order to examine the central theme of the research, each and every pupil received a self-reporting questionnaire, by which his or her learning style was identified. The analyzing and checking of the questions were done on a computer. After obtaining the statistical results of the students’ learning styles, it was possible to conduct an observation, in order to see whether the pupils were working according to their learning style, and improving their achievements. In addition to the observation, I conducted interviews with the pupils, in order to identify their feelings while working in this particular way, about their functioning, and the change that occurred in them and in their achievements.

During the research, the learning environment was changed (varied learning materials, varied sources of information, e.t.c.), so that it would match the varied learning styles of the pupils. Different learning styles of the pupils were identified and the changes in the students’ scores were recorded. A certain improvement in the scores of some students, mostly among the poorer ones was observed.


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