Growing With Abc - תוכנית לכיתות ב'-ג', שנה שנייה

תוכנית לתלמידי כיתות ב'-ג', הלומדים אנגלית בשנה השנייה. מאושרת ע"י משרד החינוך.

לקריאת הרציונל, תכני התוכנית ודוגמאות ממערכי השיעור.

לצפייה בעמודים מתוך הספר.

על התוכנית:

Growing More With ABC is a continuation of Growing With ABC, a programfor first year EFL learners.
In Growing With ABC, the learners acquired basic vocabulary from the following topics: numbers, colors,
parts of the body, family, food
and animals. They also completed performance tasks through role playing,
dramatizations, craft activities, games, songs and chants.

If your learners used an alternative program for their first year of English, you will need to spend part
of the first lesson presenting a brief summary of the storyline

in the Growing With ABC program.
A summary and suggestions for presentation appear at the end of the introduction along with a list
of the vocabulary introduced in the first year program (see point IX of the Introduction).
Topics and vocabulary appearing in the content chart of each lesson throughout the course

will need to be considered either as review or new material according to the learners' previous EFL exposure.

Growing More With ABC is a reading acquisition and vocabulary expansion program for
second year EFL learners. It provides the learners with the necessary literacy, vocabulary and
oral/aural skills and serves as a solid foundation for the standards of Stage One of the Foundation Level.
The program consists of 7 units which are sub-divided into 62 lessons.

Growing More With ABC is based upon the Synthetic Phonics method of reading instruction and
also incorporates many of the Hickey method techniques. Synthetic Phonics is the approach recommended by departments of education around the English-speaking world. Research shows that it is the only approach
that works well with children of all abilities and backgrounds.
It builds the learners' confidence from day oneand teaches them to read and write quickly.
In order to read well, children need to feel at home with the letters, internalize their sounds and
be able to recognize special letter combinations.
Single letters and their sounds are taught first, then the sounds of letter combinationsand
finally the blending of the letter sounds into simple words.

The Growing More With ABC program also uses the Socratic method of directed questioning that actively engages the learner, encourages critical thinking and improves recall ability.

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